10-Gallon Tire Bead Seater with Oil-Filled Gauge

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Seat the bead on all tires, from small 4-inch riding lawnmower tires to large 24.5-inch truck tires and even larger tractor tires quickly and easily with the STEELMAN 60301 10-Gallon Tire Bead Seater. This rugged time saver is built with a welded steel tank and smooth operating brass valves that can deliver a concentrated blast of compressed air to mount even the most stubborn of tires. Fitted with an oil-filled pressure gauge that reports accurate readings despite the pulses and spikes often encountered when dealing with shop air systems. A built-in safety valve helps prevent over pressurization and the tank is rated to safely contain up to 145 PSI in compressed air and is fully compatible with nitrogen inflation systems. Comes with 1/4-inch NPT fittings that allow the unit to be filled from standard air compressor quick-connects for easy setup and use.
  • RUGGED - Welded steel pressure tank and smooth operating brass valves that can stand up to heavy-duty use
  • HIGH WORKING PRESSURE - Designed to safely contain up to 145 PSI of compressed air or nitrogen
  • NITROGEN COMPATIBLE - Pressure tank is tightly sealed and can work with both traditional compressed air as well as compressed nitrogen
  • OIL FILLED GAUGE - Oil filled pressure gauge dampens the effects of pulsations and pressure spikes while filling to give accurate readings
  • NPT COMPATIBLE FITTINGS - Fittings on fill valve are 1/4-inch NPT to work with existing shop quick-connect compressor fittings
  • OVERPRESSURE SAFETY VALVE - Built-in safety valve automatically opens to relieve pressure when it exceeds recommended levels
  • ASME CERTIFIED - ASME certified 10-gallon tank

    Color: Orange
    Material: Steel
    Overall Dimensions: 23.50 in. x 18.00 in. x 14.50 in.
    Item Weight (lb.): 39.96
    Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty
    Country of Origin: China