1/2-inch Drive x 22mm 95 ft-lb Torque Stick - Salmon

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Protect your wheels, wheel studs, and brake rotors with this STEELMAN torque stick. The STEELMAN 50108 1/2-Inch Drive x 22mm 95 ft-lb Torque Stick is designed to prevent damage to wheels, studs, and brake rotors by reducing the risk of over-tightening lug nuts which can result in sheared stud bolts, rounded lug nuts, and warped rotors. This stick measures 8-5/8-inches long and has a 22mm socket on the end. It will, when used with an electric or pneumatic impact wrench, limit the effective output of the wrench to 95 ft-lb (129 Newton-meters) of torque and anything above that will cause the extension to flex and absorb the extra impact. This torque stick is made of resilient chrome molybdenum (Chromoly) steel that has a salmon powder coat to make it easy to pick out among other tools or in a crowded toolbox.
  • 8-5/8-INCHES LONG - Torque stick is 8-5/8-inches long to allow easy clearance and prevent damage to wheels by a too close impact wrench
  • RESILIENT STEEL - Made of durable and resilient chrome molybdenum steel
  • INTEGRATED SOCKET - Fitting any 1/2-inch drive impact wrench this stick has an integrated 22mm lug nut socket
  • PREVENT OVER-TIGHTENING - Prevent over-tightening that can lead to premature failure of wheels, wheel studs, and rotors
  • FLEXES TO LIMIT TORQUE - When 95 ft-lb of torque is reached the extension will flex and absorb additional impacts instead of continuing to tighten
  • POWDER COATED - Powder coated salmon for additional corrosion resistance and to easily identify it among other extensions and tools
  • CALIBRATION FREE - With a pre-determined maximum allowed torque and no moving parts it is maintenance and recalibration free

    Size: 22mm
    Color: Salmon
    Material: Chrome Moly Steel
    Overall Dimensions: 8.75 in. L x 1.31 in. W x 1.31 in. H
    Item Weight (lb.): 0.80
    Warranty: No Warranty
    Country of Origin: Taiwan
    Socket Size: 22mm
    Drive Size: 1/2-Inch
    Socket Style: ["Torque Limiting"]
    Points: ["6"]