24-inch Flexible Gooseneck Bend-A-Light Pro Inspection Light with Krypton Bulb

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Have you ever found yourself in a tight spot with not enough light? The STEELMAN 24-inch Flexible Gooseneck Bend-A-Light Pro with Krypton Bulb is the right tool for the job. Easily navigate around obstacles with the 15.75-inch flexible brass alloy shaft that holds its position and shape. The compact 5/32-inch diameter tip is small enough for the light to be used in a wide range of tasks, including heavy machinery inspections, automotive engine troubleshooting, firearm maintenance, or computer and electronics repair/inspections. For extra reach, the included protective cover doubles as a handle extension. Three (3) AA alkaline batteries are included for your convenience. Filaments in the high-intensity Krypton bulb can last for up to 20 hours of continuous runtime. When burned out or in the event of breakage, the bulb is designed to be easily replaced using the STEELMAN 12110 Krypton Pro Bend-A-Light Replacement Bulb.
  • ULTRA-BRIGHT LIGHT - high-intensity krypton bulb produces 20 hours of bright light
  • COMPACT TIP - 15.75-inch flexible gooseneck made of flexible brass alloy holds shape when bent
  • FLEXIBLE - 5/32-inch diameter bulb tip fits into tight spaces for use in maintenance and inspections
  • PROTECTIVE COVER - Included protective storage cover can be used as an extension to reach the deepest areas
  • BATTERIES INCLUDED - Light comes equipped with a 20-hour high intensity Krypton incandescent bulb
  • BATTERIES INCLUDED - Includes 3 AA alkaline batteries for convenience
  • COMPATIBLE PARTS - Uses STEELMAN 12110 Bend-A-Light Micro replacement bulbs to replace damaged or burned out tips

    Color: Black
    Material: Mixed
    Overall Dimensions: 18.00 in. L x 0.74 in. W x 0.74 in. H
    Item Weight (lb.): 0.49
    Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty
    Country of Origin: China