3/8-Inch Drive x 10-Inch 72-Tooth 180-Degree Flex-Head Bent Handle Ratchet

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Even the toughest of jobs are no match for the STEELMAN 98993 3/8-Inch Drive x10-Inch 72-Tooth 180-Degree Flex-Head Bent Handle Ratchet. Instead of a traditional straight handle, this ratchet was designed with a handle that is bent out at an angle to provide increased hand clearance when working close to surfaces and edges. The bent handle also gives you that extra bit of leverage you need when working on stubborn fasteners with the ratchet head flexed at an extreme angle. The head is designed to flex a full 180-degrees so you can access fasteners at almost any angle including straight out. The back of the ratcheting head has a convenient, flush-mounted quick-release button that allows you to swap out sockets easily, and with a 5-degree ratchet arc from the 72-tooth mechanism, you can easily engage fasteners even in tight spaces. The full polish chrome finish on the handle resists rust and corrosion and is easy to wipe clean when covered in oil, dirt, or grime. Designed to meet or exceed 150% of ASME and ANSI torque requirement standards for hand tools, this ratchet is a top choice for anybody in the automotive, construction or equipment maintenance industry!
  • ADDITIONAL CLEARANCE - Bent handle for additional hand clearance and more leverage at extreme angles
  • 72-TOOTH MECHANISM - 72-tooth ratcheting mechanism only needs a 5 degree swing arc to engage
  • 180-DEGREE FLEX - Flex head offers full 180-degree accessibility to reach fasteners at any angle
  • QUICK RELEASE - Flush-fit quick-release button allows effortless socket removal
  • 3/8-INCH DRIVE - Compatible with any 3/8-inch drive socket, adapter, or extension
  • EXTENDED HANDLE - 10-Inch length handle provides additional reach and leverage on stubborn fasteners
  • CHROME FINISH - Polished chrome finish is rust and corrosion resistant and easily wipes clean

    Color: Silver
    Material: Steel
    Overall Dimensions: 10.06 in. x 1.20 in. x 1.20 in.
    Item Weight (lb.): 0.90
    Warranty: Lifetime Limited Warranty
    Country of Origin: Taiwan