35 in-lb Non-Adjustable Torque Driver with T20 Star Bit

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Make servicing and replacing TPMS sensors and other small scale precision tasks easier with the STEELMAN 99026 35 in-lb Non-Adjustable Torque Driver with T20 Star Bit. This 6-inch long hand tool features a fixed 35 in-lb setting that eliminates torque setting errors during use. Made from lightweight machined aluminum with a knurled surface for additional grip, this screwdriver is able to use any 1/8-inch drive hex bit and comes with a single T20 size Torx / Star bit. To prevent overtightening of fasteners the driver's internal mechanism gives slightly and creates a click that can be felt upon reaching the preset torque level. Useable in a wide range of uses from weapon smithing and assembly, automotive maintenance, and electronics repair.
  • PREVENT OVERTIGHTENING - Driver tightens to a set torque level to prevent overtightening of fasteners
  • FIXED SETTING - Torque driver has a fixed 35 in-lb torque setting to eliminate setting errors
  • ALUMINUM BODY - Tool body is machined from lightweight aluminum
  • SECURE GRIP - Body tubing has a knurled surface to provide a secure grip during use
  • T20 BIT - Tool includes a single T20 star / Torx hex bit made from durable S2 steel
  • 1/8-INCH HEX - Tip accepts most mini sized 1/8-inch hex driver bits
  • 1-YEAR WARRANTY - Covered by a 1-year limited warranty

    Color: Silver
    Material: Steel
    Overall Dimensions: 6.00 in. L x 0.90 in. W x 0.90 in. H
    Item Weight (lb.): 0.39
    Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty
    Country of Origin: Taiwan