4-Piece Air Brakes Slack Adjuster Wrench and Tool Set

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The STEELMAN 60576 4-Piece Slack Adjuster Wrench and Tool Set is specially designed to aid in the installation and servicing of Bendix®, Meritor®, and Haldex® brand air braking systems used on heavy-duty / long haul trucks and trailers. A pair of deep-reaching hex head wrenches in sizes 7/16-inch and 9/16-inch can access adjusters in recessed locations and their built-in ratcheting mechanism provides full 360-degree rotational swing for ease of operation at any angle. Each also feature extended length steel handles that grant users added reach and the increased torque necessary to overcome anti-reverse mechanisms. The 5/16-inch double square reversible ratchet has a convenient angled head that provides users with increased clearance for hands and knuckles. A fork-ended tool allows operation of anti-reverse tension release mechanisms without causing prying damage that could lead to premature system failure. For added user comfort, the two longer wrenches feature dipped handles while the fork-end tool and double square ratchet feature dual layer molded comfort-grip handles for a non-slip grip. The hex wrenches also feature protective sleeves on their drive ends to help keep dirt, grime and other contaminants out of the ratcheting mechanism for longer tool service life.
  • SIMPLIFY SERVICE - Speed up installation and service on Bendix®, Meritor®, and Haldex® heavy-duty truck air brakes
  • 2 HEX WRENCHES - Deep reaching 7/16-inch and 9/16-inch hex wrenches easily reach even recessed adjuster bolts
  • LONG HANDLE - Extra long hex wrench handles provide added reach and increased rotational torque
  • 5/16-INCH DOUBLE SQUARE - 5/16-inch double square short handled ratchet with angled head for increased clearance
  • FORK-END TOOL - Fork-end tool holds tensioner release button securely without prying or damaging it
  • BUILT-IN RATCHET - Built-in single direction or reversible ratcheting mechanisms on all 3 wrenches for ease of operation
  • COMFORTABLE HANDLES - Dual layer molded or plastisol dipped handles on each tool for added user comfort

    Color: Green;Silver;Black
    Material: Steel
    Overall Dimensions: 15.00 in. x 5.75 in. x 1.40 in.
    Item Weight (lb.): 2.14
    Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty
    Country of Origin: Taiwan