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If you're assembling or performing maintenance on your rifle, you know that they aren't designed for traditional tools to be used and that the right tool can make a difficult job simple. The BOUNDARY 41877 Gunsmith Combo Wrench brings many of those tools together in one multi-tool style wrench. This handy tool is made of durable, heat-treated steel so it won't bend or break during use and when torqueing nuts. Featuring a double sided barrel nut wrench that works on both USGI and free float style nuts, a flat-head screwdriver for stock screws, a 0.76 and 0.64-inch square wrench for installing and removing flash hiders and muzzle brakes, and both a one and three point castle nut wrench for most styles of end plates. There is also a 1/2-inch drive cutout to allow you to use a torque wrench when tightening barrel nuts. With an all-in-one design and easily cleaned powder-coating, this is one tool you need to add to your arsenal!
  • GUNSMITHING TOOL - Features many of the tools necessary for complete rifle takedown, maintenance, and assembly
  • DURABLE - Made from durable and heat-treated 420 stainless steel
  • USGI AND FREE FLOAT - Double-sided tool works on both USGI and free float style barrel nuts
  • CASTLE NUT WRENCH - Both one and three point castle nut wrenches to work with most styles of end plates
  • TWO FLASH WRENCHES - 0.76 and 0.64-inch square wrenches for removing and installing flash hiders and muzzle brakes
  • POWDER-COATED - Powder-coating provides corrosion resistance and makes cleaning easy
  • 1/2-INCH DRIVE COMPATIBLE - A 1/2-inch drive cutout allows the use of a 1/2-inch drive torque wrench to properly tighten barrel nuts

    Color: Black
    Material: Stainless Steel
    Overall Dimensions: 12.00 in. L x 2.00 in. W x 0.30 in. H
    Item Weight (lb.): 1.60
    Warranty: Lifetime Limited Warranty
    Country of Origin: China