All-Natural Industrial Strength Hand Soap with Walnut Shell Abrasive - 3.3oz Bottle

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Remove the toughest, caked on dirt and grime from hard working hands with MOAB All-Natural Industrial Strength Hand Soap. This non-solvent based hand cleaner does what the other soaps do without using harsh chemicals or pulverized lava rock that can tear up your hands with repeated use. The environmentally friendly and biodegradable formula uses walnut shell abrasives to gently scrub away all kinds of gunk including grease, oil, tar, paint, super glue, rubber cement and other adhesives, wood stain, and more. Concentrated formula uses 75% less than other soaps and even works to remove gas and fuel odors without covering them up with strong chemical or orange / citrus smells instead leaving behind a clean, neutral scent. Rinses away clean in water with no greasy residue and is a USDA Certified bio based product, made right here in the USA. Gentle formula includes natural moisturizing skin conditioners that soothe skin every time you wash. Perfect for use in professional garages and automotive mechanic shops as well as personal workshops and at home. Comes in an easily portable 3.3 fl oz. (98mL) squirt bottle with a convenient flip-top cap.
  • CLEANS TOUGH GRIME - Removes grease, oil, tar, ink, paint, super glue, rubber cement and other adhesives, as well as wood stains and more
  • NO PUMICE - Uses walnut shell that scrub away stains without abrading skin like volcanic pumice that can tear up skin over repeated use
  • BIODEGRADEABLE - Environmentally friendly and biodegradable formula officially certified bio based by the USDA
  • WON'T DRY HANDS - Includes natural conditioners that moisturize and won't leave hands dry and cracked over repeated use
  • USE LESS CLEAN MORE - Concentrated formula lets each bottle go farther, needing 75% less soap to get hands clean
  • NEUTRAL SCENT - Doesn't cover gas or fuel smells with orange / citrus or other smells, it removes them leaving a clean, neutral scent
  • 3.3 FL OZ BOTTLE - Comes in an easily portable 3.3 fl oz. (98mL) squirt bottle with a convenient flip-top cap
  • MADE IN AMERICA - Made right here in the U.S.A.

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