Inner Liner Scraper Tire Patching Tool

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  • IDEAL FOR REPAIRS - ideal for helping create a smooth surface so a tire patch can fully adhere during repair
  • SCREWDRIVER STYLE HANDLE - Large, screwdriver style handle allows for a better grip during use
  • WIDE BLADE - Hoe style blade measures 2-3/4-inches wide letting you scrape more with less effort
  • BEVELED EDGE - Blade edge is features a chisel ground bevel that is easy to reshape and gives smooth, consistent contact
  • FOR USTMA REPAIRS - Use as part of U.S. Tire Manufacturer's Association (USTMA) Approved tire repairs
The only thing worse than having a flat tire is having a flat tire because the recently applied patch didn't hold. The STEELMAN Tire Inner Liner Scraper is a hoe-style hand tool that helps ensure that the tire’s surface is smooth enough for a perfect patch seal - every time. After clearing out the injury channel and applying pre-buff cleaner, this tool is ideal for scraping away loosened dirt, debris, and mold-release lubricants that would gum up buffing wheels during USTMA (formerly the RMA) repairs. The screwdriver-style handle is large and fluted to provide a secure grip during use, and the 2-3/4-inch wide blade covers a large area quickly with only a few passes.