TPMS Programmable Sensor 315 MHz with Rubber Valve Stem

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If you sell or service tires, then you know TPMS is a critical component of tire and car safety. Today, over 50% of all vehicles in service are equipped with direct measuring TPMS systems, and many shops report that up to 80% of the vehicles they service have direct TPMS. With the STEELMAN Select Sensor – 315 MHz, you can rest assured knowing you have the most advanced TPMS technology by your side. Prior to use this sensor must be programmed to tie into a vehicle's on-board TPMS system and this can be done either through a vehicles manual relearn function (if the vehicle supports that option) or through a specialized tool used in tire shops. This specific sensor comes with a rubber snap-in valve for ease of installation and is designed for use in applications up to a maximum of 80 psi (5.51 bar, 551 kPA) cold-inflation pressure and 130 MPH (209 km/h) max speed. It features an Infineon SP37 chip, a highly integrated device that contains the sensing elements, microcontroller, LF receiver, RF transmitter, and more in one package. The SP37 also measures pressure, radial acceleration, temperature, and supply voltage. The device is compliant to the RoHS standard, with a pressure range up to 900kPa. The Select Sensor uses a Hitachi/Maxell model CR2050HR UL, heat-resistant battery, with a lifespan of 5-7 years, and that expands the operating temperature range compared to standard LiMnO2 coin batteries. Compatible programming tools for this sensor include the AirTech 46, ATEQ VT55 and VT56, KTool 46 and VT36, Launch TSAP 36, Hamaton 46, H36, and H47, Mac Tools 3838, Matco 46 and VT56, Monster VT36 and VT46, Myers 360 and VT46, Napa Echlin VT56 and Quick TS4600, OTC 3838, Prema H46 and H47, Snap-On TPMS3 and TPMS4, and TECT VT46, VT55, VT56 and H47.
  • PROGRAMMING REQUIRED – Vehicle supported manual relearn or specialized tool required to program sensor prior to use -
  • OPERATIONAL FREQUENCY - Sensor is designed for use in vehicles that operate on 315MHz frequencies
  • SNAP-IN DESIGN - Rubber valve stem snaps easily into wheel rims with standard installation tools
  • HIGH-PRESSURE USE - Useable in tires with a maximum of 80PSI cold inflation pressure and 130 MPH max speed
  • MULTI-FUNCTION - Powerful onboard Infineon SP37 chip measures pressure, acceleration, temperature, and battery level
  • LONG LASTING BATTERY - Compact CR2050HR UL battery has a 5-7 year lifespan even under extreme temperatures
  • COMPATIBLE TOOLS - Programmable by ATEQ, KTool, Hamaton, Prema, Snap-On and TECH tools, see description for complete list

    Color: Black
    Material: Rubber
    Overall Dimensions: 3.25 in. L x 2.25 in. W x 0.97 in. H
    Item Weight (lb.): 0.11
    Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty
    Country of Origin: China