Problems Fast

Pinpoint the source of concerning vehicle noises with a new generation of wireless diagnostic devices.



Find squeaks, rattles, and other noises across a vehicle's engine, axles, and chassis

The 4 independent transmitters function as high-powered wireless stethoscopes and can be placed virtually anywhere on a vehicle

Wire-free design enables you to run diagnostics on the road in conditions that are impossible to replicate in a repair stall

Wireless ChassisEAR 2

Wireless ChassisEAR 2

Internal rechargeable battery provides up to 3.5 hours of continuous runtime per charge

Main control unit features a color LCD touchscreen to display signals from the transmitters

Channels can be selected or muted individually on the receiver to easily pinpoint noises

Customer Reviews

Works well, comes ready to use. I was able to narrow down very soft noise in the rear axle. It made it easy to eliminate differential as the problem and determine right side axle bearing was noisy.

Awesome! So easy to attach and move around. Easy to detect noise with not only the speaker but signal strength reader! A must-buy for finding chassis and suspension noises.

No more guessing which wheel hub is bad. This monitor quickly and accurately allowed me to identify the bad hub and detected a lightly dragging parking brake shoe as well. Sorry I waited so long to purchase this device.

It's easy to set up and use. Works great. Affordable. Don't keep guessing where the noise is coming from. This tool eliminates guesswork.

It works and only took one try to find out what’s wrong.

Really helped me find where my driveline vibration was coming from. A tool I wish I had owned 40 years ago.

Located my problem in a sealed area I could not see.

It will pay for itself in one use.

It was totally worth the cost to get rid of the infuriating clink.

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