1/2-inch Drive Sleeved Impact Socket Set, 5-Piece

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  • PREVENT DAMAGE - Protects against scratching and damage on chrome, powder-coat, anodized, cadmium, paint, or phosphate coatings
  • PROTECTIVE SLEEVE AND INSERT - Polyethylene sleeve and insert protects wheels and lug nut faces during service
  • 1/2-INCH DRIVE - 6-point socket fits 1/2-inch drive impact wrenches and breaker bars
  • EXTREME DURABILITY - Made from highly durable chrome-moly steel with a blue anodized finish
  • METRIC AND STANDARD SIZES - Set includes 5 color-coded sockets: 17mm (blue), 19mm (gold), 21mm (red), 13/16-inch (purple), and 3/4-inch (green)
  • 85mm LONG - 85mm (3 11/32-inch) long socket can reach lug nuts seated in deep recesses
  • IMPACT RATED - Hardened construction falls within 45-48 HRC and can stand up to repeated impact use
  • RUST AND CORROSION RESISTANT - Anodized finish resists rust and corrosion
When you've invested in new wheels the last thing you want is to scratch or damage them the first time you remove them. Protect your investment by using the right tools for the job, the STEELMAN 95615 Socket Set is a 5-piece set of specialized metric and standard sockets that each have two polyethylene protective features as buffers between their durable chrome moly steel construction and your wheels. An outer sleeve protects your wheels while an insert protects the faces of the lug nuts. At 85mm long these 6-point sockets can reach lug nuts seated in the deep recesses found on some types of wheels. The anodized finish is also color coded for each size to allow for easy identification as well as providing increased rust and corrosion resistance. The blue socket is 17mm, gold is 19mm, red is 21mm, purple is 13/16-inch, and green is 3/4-inch. Durable construction is impact rated and works with any 1/2-inch drive impact wrench or breaker bar.