1/4-inch Plated Steel Automotive Quick Disconnect Plug with 1/4-inch Male NPT Threads

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  • 1/4-INCH NPT - Threaded male end screws easily into 1/4-inch NPT female threaded hose fittings, tools, and accessories
  • DURABLE STEEL - Made of solid steel, this pneumatic plug coupler is durable and long lasting
  • CORROSION RESISTANT - Plated finish will not rust or corrode in the event of water in pneumatic lines
  • 1/4-INCH PLUG - 1/4-Inch quick disconnect plug fits a wide range of air lines and fittings
  • HEX BODY - Hex shaped body allows for secure tightening of plug to prevent leaks and power loss
The STEELMAN CP1-IND 1/4-Inch Plated Steel Automotive Quick Disconnect Plug with 1/4-Inch Male NPT Threads is the answer for any home workshop or automotive garage looking to power just one more air tool. Each plug is constructed of solid steel which has a durable blue protective plating that is rust and corrosion resistant so condensation in water lines won't cause premature failure of the tool adapter. The quick-disconnect end is sized to fit 1/4-inch couplers and fittings and the threaded 1/4-inch MPT end threads easily into tools and connectors for fast and simple setup. To make connections easier, the outer body of the plug has a hex shaped section so it can be easily tightened into tools with any adjustable wrench or an appropriately sized combination or end wrench.