1-Inch Drive x 1-1/4-Inch 250 ft-lb Torque Stick, Red

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  • 11-15/16-INCHES LONG - Torque stick is 11-15/16-inches long to allow easy clearance and prevent damage to wheels by a too close impact wrench
  • RESILIENT STEEL - Made of durable and resilient chrome molybdenum (chromoly) steel
  • INTEGRATED SOCKET - Fitting any 1-inch drive impact wrench, this stick has an integrated 1-1/4-inch lug nut socket
  • PREVENT OVER-TIGHTENING - Prevent over-tightening that can lead to premature failure of wheels, wheel studs, and rotors
  • FLEXES TO LIMIT TORQUE - When 250 ft-lb of torque is reached the extension will flex and absorb additional impacts instead of continuing to tighten
  • POWDER COATED - Powder coated red for additional corrosion resistance and to easily identify it among other extensions and tools
  • CALIBRATION FREE - With a pre-determined maximum allowed torque and no moving parts it is maintenance and recalibration free
Protect your wheels, wheel studs, and brake rotors with this STEELMAN torque stick. The STEELMAN 60326 250 ft-lb 1-Inch Drive x 1-1/4-Inch Torque Stick is designed to prevent damage to wheels, studs, and brake rotors by reducing the risk of over-tightening lug nuts which can result in sheared stud bolts, rounded lug nuts, and warped rotors. This stick measures 11-15/16-inches long and has a 1-1/4-inch socket on the end. When used with a 1-inch drive electric or pneumatic impact wrench it will limit the effective output of the wrench to 250 ft-lb of torque and anything above that will cause the extension to flex and absorb the extra impact. This torque stick is made of resilient chrome molybdenum (Chromoly) steel that has a red powder coat to make it easy to pick out among other tools or in a crowded toolbox.