18-Inch Pry Bar

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  • 18-INCH LENGTH - 18-inch long pry bar provides additional reach and leverage for shifting heavy parts
  • HEAT-TREATED STEEL - Bar is made of hardened and heat treated chromoly steel for strength and durability
  • ANGLED TIP - Angled slaw tip to more easily wedge under and between heavy parts and objects
  • SQUARE BAR SHAFT - Pry bar features a shaft with a square shaped cross-section that measures 7/16-inches across
  • CORROSION RESISTANT - Bars feature a black manganese phosphate finish that resists corrosion and wear
  • COMFORTABLE HANDLE - Ergonomic handle is constructed with a TPR rubber overmold on a polypropylene core for a secure grip
All mechanics wish parts would line up easily on the very first try when trying to perform automotive or other repairs, but more often than not they need a little persuasion to get them lined up. With the STEELMAN 78615 18-Inch Pry Bar on hand, you can give them that nudge they need so you can get the job done. Made from durable heat-treated chromoly steel this 18-inch bar offers both the leverage and reach you need. The square shaped shaft is 7/16-inch thick and features an angled claw tip to more easily gain grip in the small, often tight spaces between heavy parts or under objects. The dual layer handle is made with a cushioning TPR rubber over mold on a harder polypropylene core that surrounds the shaft. The corrosion resistant black manganese phosphate coating is easy to clean and can stand up to hard wear without scratching off like paint.