2-1/2-Inch Jaw Ratcheting PVC and Plastic Pipe Cutters

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  • CLEAN CUTS - Cut through plastic pipe and tubing with ease leaving clean, burr-free edges
  • HARDENED STEEL BLADE - Hardened stainless steel blade shears through PVC and other materials with ease
  • RATCHETING MECHANISM - Ratcheting blade mechanism allows for easy one-handed use and quick cuts
  • SAFETY LATCH - Locking handle latch keeps cutter closed when not in use for safe storage and transport
  • PIPE SIZE - Cuts pipe and tubing up to 2.5-inches in outer diameter
  • CUTS PLASTIC PIPE - Slices through ABS, PEX, PVC, and PP pipe and tubing equally well
Slice cleanly through PVC irrigation pipe and other kinds of plastic tubing quickly and easily with the STEELMAN 42565 2-1/2-Inch Jaw Ratcheting PVC and Plastic Pipe Cutters. These handy cutters feature a ratcheting mechanism built into the hardened stainless steel cutting blade that allows it to progressively cut through pipe and tubing easily even when used in a single hand. The blade leaves clean, burr-free edges that are easy to glue and fit together with minimal follow-up and cleaning. When not in use, the blade can be locked into place with a safety latch that keeps the blade closed for added safety when in storage and transport. Designed to be used to cut pipe and tubing of up to 2.5-inches in outer diameter and can be used on ABS, PEX, PVC, and PP materials with equal ease.