24-Inch Telescoping Flexible Shaft LED Lighted Claw and Magnetic Pickup Tool

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  • 1.5-POUND CAPACITY - Pickup tool's magnet is powerful enough to retrieve up to 1.5-pounds
  • FLEXIBLE SHAFT - Flexible 24-inch design can reach inside curved pipes and other hard-to-reach spaces
  • RETRIEVAL CLAW - Plunger operated claw allows you to pick up small objects from drains, under furniture, or in-between car seats
  • LED LIGHT - LED light at the end of shaft makes it easier to retrieve items from dark places
  • PLUNGER STYLE HANDLE - Contoured, plunger style handle provides a secure, comfortable grip
  • VERSATILE - Convenient tool useable in any home or work environment
  • 1-YEAR WARRANTY - Covered by a 1 year limited manufacturer's warranty
Fish out all kinds of small objects from drains, grab them from behind furniture, and pry them from the dark depths of engine compartments with the STEELMAN 41829 24-Inch Flexible Shaft LED Lighted Claw and Magnetic Pickup Tool. Ideal for plumbers, mechanics, inspectors, and homeowners, this ultra-convenient tool features a slim flex shaft that can bend and adjust to work through pipes, around corners, and past obstructions to reach items beyond the reach of straight telescoping retrievers. With a 24-inch overall reach (flexible section measures 15.5-inches), all but the deepest of and darkest of corners are now within your reach whether they are in the garage, office, or around the house. The anodized aluminum tip and handle are rust and corrosion resistant and the tip's built in magnet can lift up to 1.5-pounds. The button activated LED helps illuminate search areas while the plunger operated claw broadens the range of items this tool can pick up. So whether you're after washers, nuts, and screws, in the garage, keys, coins, or cards in the car, or pins, jewelry, and pencils around the house this handy tool can pick it up!