3/8-Inch Drive Air Ratchet

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  • 3/8-INCH DRIVE - Pneumatic ratchet fits any 3/8-inch drive socket, extension, and adapter
  • AIR USAGE - Powerful air motor uses 4 CFM of compressed air when hooked to a 3/8-inch diameter hose
  • PEAK TORQUE - Ratcheting mechanism can achieve a maximum torque of 50 ft-lb
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN - Ergonomic handle and lever trigger design for a positive, comfortable grip
  • 1/4-INCH NPT THREAD - Air inlet on handle base threaded to accept 1/4-inch NPT fittings
  • TOOL SIZE - Tool measures 10-inches in overall length and weighs 2.75-pounds
Tackle automotive repair jobs, manufacturing assembly tasks and more with ease using the STEELMAN 130 3/8-Inch Drive Air Ratchet. Designed to accept any 3/8-inch drive socket, extension, or adapter, this general purpose pneumatic tool is rugged enough to hold up to the rigors of professional shop use and handy enough to find a home in any personal garage. Threaded to accept any 1/4-inch NPT fittings, this air ratchet uses a mere 4 CFM of compressed air to generate up to 50 ft-lb of torque to bust free even the most stubborn of fasteners. The ergonomic handle is designed to provide a comfortable grip and the lever trigger is easy to operate. Measuring 10-inches in overall length, this ratchet weighs 2.75-pounds making it easier to use for long tasks when compared to heavier duty impact wrenches.