32-Ounce Hickory Handled Ball-Peen Hammer

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  • HIGH CARBON STEEL - Hammer head is constructed of durable high carbon steel
  • HICKORY HANDLE - Lightweight hickory handle comfortably fits user grip for superior control
  • 14-INCH LENGTH - Handle measures 14-inches in length to provide powerful blows
  • HEAD WEIGHT - Hard striking hammer head weighs 32-ounces (2-pounds)
  • MULTIPLE USES - Designed for multiple uses from shaping metal and forming rivets to bodywork and dent removal
Deliver a strong, confident strike with the STEELMAN 95838 32-Ounce Hickory Handled Ball-Peen Hammer. Designed for multiple uses including metalsmithing and peening, rivet forming, and dent removal/bodywork. The hammer's head is made of durable high carbon steel and the wood handle is carved from vibration absorbing hickory giving you both a hard striking surface and a comfortable, shock absorbing handle and grip.