36-Inch Telescoping 2.25-Inch Round Inspection Mirror

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  • COMPACT - Tool collapses and mirror folds down so it's total length is only 6.25-inches for easy storage
  • ROUND MIRROR - Round mirror is 2.25-inches in diameter
  • ARTICULATING MIRROR - Articulating mirror design easily reaches around corners and hard-to-reach areas
  • CONTOURED GRIP - The contoured handle ensures a solid grip
  • EXTENDABLE - Mirror extends from 9.5-inches to 36-inches
  • CONVENIENT - Easily extends into tight areas to search for lost or dropped items and perform inspections
  • DURABLE STEEL - Made of durable steel with a natural stainless steel finish
The STEELMAN 41819 36-Inch Telescoping 2.25-Inch Round Inspection Mirror is the ideal tool for when you need to look into tight and recessed areas. With the mirror unfolded the tool is a short 9.5-inches in length that can then extend out to 36-inches or anything in between. The double-ball articulated mirror is round and measures 2.25-inches in diameter and can swivel 360 degrees to allow you to look at any angle. This enables you to easily perform inspections on HVAC systems, automotive engine compartments and undercarriages, not to mention using it around the house to find things under beds, behind bookcases, and other hard-to-see places. When done this durable, telescoping steel tool collapses and folds down to 6.25-inches in size and can be easily stowed away until it is once more needed.