4-Inch Bench Vise with 360-degree Swivel Base, Serrated Steel Jaws, Gray

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  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION - Constructed from high-quality iron and steel with a protective powder coating
  • STRONG CLAMPING FORCE - A maximum clamping force of 3372 lbs for secure workpiece holding
  • HIGH TENSILE STRENGTH - With a casting pressure of 60,000 PSI, this vise is built to endure extreme conditions
  • REPLACEABLE JAWS - Equiped with replaceable serrated steel jaws that provide a secure hold on your workpieces
  • VERSATILE POSITIONING - 360-degree rotation with a bolt-on swivel base for optimal workpiece positioning
  • JAW SPECIFICATIONS - Features a 4-1/2-inch wide serrated steel jaw, with a 2-1/2-inch throat depth, and a maximum opening capacity of 4-inches
  • INTEGRATED ANVIL - Built-in anvil surface for convenient metalworking tasks, enhancing the vise's versatility for metal shaping needs.
  • BUILT-IN PIPE JAWS - Dedicated jaws provide a secure grip on cylindrical objects, ensuring stable and efficient operations for both regular and pipe-related tasks
  • LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY - Guaranteed by Steelman, signifying trust in the product's durability and commitment to customer satisfaction
The STEELMAN 60886 4-inch Bench Vise with 360-degree Swivel Base is a robust tool designed for versatility and durability in any workshop environment. Constructed from high-quality iron and steel and coated in a protective layer of powder, this vise boasts exceptional strength and resilience. The high-pressure casting process for this vise results in a tensile strength of 60,000 PSI, ensuring it can withstand extreme pressure and usage. The 4.5-inch wide serrated steel jaws provide a secure and steadfast grip, complemented by the vise's impressive 3372 lbs clamping force. Designed with user convenience in mind, the vise features a bolt-on swivel base, enabling 360-degree rotation for optimal positioning, and includes integrated anvil and pipe jaws for additional functionality. Whether you're bending pipes, pounding out a piece of metal on the anvil, or securing a workpiece for precision work, this vise is up to the task.