6-Outlet 36-Foot 14/3 Extension Cord with Inline 15-Amp 125V AC Circuit Breaker

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  • 6 OUTLETS - 14/3 Extension cord features a total of 6 conveniently spaced outlets
  • OUTDOOR RATED - Heavy duty cord is SJTW rated to withstand hard, outdoor use
  • SPACED OUTLETS - Outlets are spaced along cord at 6, 12, 18, 24, 30, and 36 feet from plug
  • OUTLET COVERS - Inline outlets feature sealing covers to keep out water and dirt
  • INLINE BREAKER - Cord features an inline 15 amp, 125V AC circuit breaker for added safety
Bring the power to your outdoor event or just spread it out around your worksite with the STEELMAN 60357 Multi-Outlet 36-Foot Extension Cord with Inline 15A / 125V AC Circuit Breaker. This handy grounded extension cord has a series of 6 outlets spaced along its entire length allowing you to plug in and power up at multiple points along the way. Starting at the plug, the outlets are spaced out every 6 feet along the length of the cord. Each of the 5 inline outlets have a sealing cover on them that can help keep out dirt, debris, and water. These are followed by a final outlet at the cord end to continue extending power to all your power-hungry devices. For added safety to prevent electric shocks, the cord has an inline 15 amp 125 Volt AC circuit breaker. Cord is jacketed with highly visible blue sheathing that is SJTW rated for safe and heavy duty outdoor or garage use. Ideal for jobsite lighting, landscaping power tools, holiday lighting, and much more!