50-foot Long Rubber 1/2-inch ID Hose Reel Replacement Air Hose with 1/2-inch NPT Brass Fittings

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  • PREMIUM RUBBER - High-quality, fiber-reinforced rubber hose resists kinking, abrasion wear and most shop chemicals
  • 50-FOOT LENGTH - 50-foot long hose is sufficient to reach across most shops, garages, homes, and work areas
  • 1/2-INCH ID - 1/2-Inch inner diameter delivers maximum air volume to your pneumatic tools for peak performance
  • HIGH PRESSURE - Durable hose is able to withstand working pressures of up to 300 PSI without bursting
  • 1/2-INCH NPT FITTINGS - Pre-fit brass 1/2-inch male NPT fittings for easy attachment to other hoses, fittings, or connectors
  • BEND PROTECTORS - Each end of the hose has a bend protector near the fitting for added stress point kink resistance
  • REEL COMPATIBLE - Replaces for a worn hoses in STEELMAN 96839 and 96839-IND Pneumatic Hose Reels
Bring maximum power to your pneumatic tools with the STEELMAN 96847-IND 50-Foot Long Rubber 1/2-Inch ID Hose Reel Replacement Air Hose with 1/2-Inch NPT Brass Fittings. Designed for use as an individual hose or as a replacement for damaged hoses used in STEELMAN 96840 and 96840-IND air hose reels, this hose is ideal for a range of professional work and personal project applications. Made of premium, fiber-reinforced rubber, this hose resists kinking and has excellent abrasion resistance making it perfect for use in workshops and garages with concrete floors. Rated for a working pressure of up to 300 PSI, this hose can easily handle normal shop compressed air pressures without fear of unexpected ruptures. The pre-attached brass fittings have 3/8-inch NPT male threads for easy attachment to additional hoses, adapters, and connectors and for added protection on these stress points, each end of the hose features a bend protector.