50-Foot Long 1/2-Inch Inner Diameter Air Hose with Spring Retractable Hose Reel with 3/8-Inch NPT Fittings

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  • MATERIAL RESILIENCE - Air hose is made of high quality chemical resistant reinforced rubber capable of performing in extreme environments
  • HIGH-PRESSURE CAPACITY - Air hose has a 300 PSI working and 1200 PSI maximum burst pressure
  • ALL-WEATHER SUITABILITY - Operates between -40 to 180 degrees Fahrenheit without loss of performance
  • SAFETY ASSURED - With a 4:1 Safety Factor and RMA IP-2 Compliant air hoses, your safety is priority
  • SPRING RETRACTABLE - With a tug the air hose is able to be retracted back to its reel with ease
  • MOUNTING VERSATILITY - Floor, Wall, or Ceiling mountable with a spring-driven retraction mechanism
  • ADJUSTABLE HOSE STOP - Allows for easy adjustments to the hose stop to accomodate use
  • WARRANTY PROTECTION - 1 Year Limited Warranty
Tackle your projects with confidence using the STEELMAN 61307 50-Foot Long 1/2-Inch Inner Diameter Air Hose, equipped with a durable 19.75-Inch Hose Reel and robust 3/8-Inch NPT Fittings. This setup is engineered to function in the toughest conditions, featuring a high-quality rubber hose that offers a wide temperature range and resistance to chemicals. The solid steel reel and brass fittings ensure your equipment stands the test of time, while the mounted retractable design provides convenience and ease of use.