6-inch Diagonal Cutters / Pliers with Wire Puller

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  • INDUCTION HARDENED - Induction hardened cutting blades for superior edge retention
  • WIRE PULLER - Opposite the jaws is a wire puller with serrated teeth for extra grip
  • DURABLE STEEL - Durable 55# carbon steel construction for lasting toughness and tool reliability
  • COMPACT - Compact 6.25-inch long tool easily fits into tool bags and pouches
  • DIPPED HANDLE - PVC dipped handle for extra user comfort and a better grip
Pull, strip, and cut solid and stranded wires with a pair of STEELMAN 6-Inch Long Diagonal Cutters / Pliers with Wire Puller. These hard working pliers are forged from durable 55# carbon steel for lasting toughness and tool reliability resistance. The induction hardened cutting jaws are beveled for precision cuts with superior edge retention. The inner surface of the handles nearest the joint are serrated like a pair of pliers to provide a secure gripping surface ideal for pulling wires during installation jobs and similar situations or for removing nails and brads. The handles are dipped in soft red textured PVC for added comfort and grip. When you need to reach in and grab hold, reach for STEELMAN.