Adjustable Air Hose Reel Stop for 1/2-inch Hoses

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  • ALWAYS IN REACH - Adjustable hose stopper prevents full retraction into reels and leaves an easy to reach length exposed
  • TWO PIECE DESIGN - Hose's two piece design makes installation easy and without the need to remove any fittings
  • HARD RUBBER - Constructed of hard rubber and will not damage reels or other equipment
  • FITS 1/2-INCH HOSES - Designed to fit onto 1/2-inch diameter air, water, oil, and grease hoses
  • NON-SLIP DESIGN - Stopper interior has ridges that grip onto rubber, PVC, and polyurethane plastic hoses for non-slip installation
With the STEELMAN 98458-IND Hose Stop you can let hose reels retract with confidence, knowing that you will always have a length exposed for easy access. This durable, hard rubber accessory has a two-piece construction that allows it to be easily installed on existing hose reels without the need of removing any existing fittings or attachments. The ridged interior of the hose stop grips firmly onto 1/2-inch diameter rubber, PVC, nylon, and polyurethane hoses regardless of whether they are used to carry compressed air, water, oil, grease, or other fluids. Hose stop measures 2.28-inches in diameter and is suitable for use on any hose reel that utilizes 1/2-inch hoses.