3-1/4-inch x 1-inch Brass Tire Repair Cleaning Brush

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  • DIMENSIONS - 3 1/4-Inch L x 1-inch W x 1.25-inch H
  • BRASS BRISTLES - Bristles are made from 0.005-inch, 36 gauge brass wire
  • 36 BUNDLES - Bristles are arranged in bundles 4 rows wide and 9 columns long, protruding out 1/2-inch
  • CRIMPED BRISTLES - Non-sparking brass bristles are crimped for added strength
  • IDEAL FOR CLEANING - Ideal for cleaning a variety of surfaces from white sidewall tires to barbecue grills
The STEELMAN 96495 3-1/4-Inch x 1-Inch Brass Cleaning Brush is a sturdy, palm sized tool with 1/2-inch crimped bristles that is perfect for a variety of cleaning jobs. The 4 row by 9 column arrangement of bristle bunches makes this brush ideal for small spaces and precision use be it cleaning automotive battery terminals and fuel injector nozzles, removing rust from wheels or other steel tools and parts, cleaning welds and removing slag, cleaning liners in tire repair or reviving white sidewalls, or more delicate uses like cleaning jewelry and ceramics, golf club heads, or even restoring the nap in suede if you have a light enough touch.