Color Coded SAE Tread Depth Gauge with Grey Base

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  • PEACE OF MIND - Quickly checks tire tread remaining to determine how long before they need replacing
  • COMPACT - Compact and portable design fits easily into a pocket or tool pouch
  • COLOR CODED - Green / Yellow / Red color coding shows if tires are good, showing wear, or in need of replacement
  • SAE MARKINGS- Gauge shows readings in 32nds of an inch in 1/32-inch increments that wrap around the gauge -
  • READING RANGE - Green range is 6/32-32/32, yellow range is 3/32-6/32, and red range is 0-2/32
  • RETAINS MEASUREMENTS - Springless design retains measurements, perfect for checking tires without line of sight
If you sell or service tires, or just try to take the best possible care of your personal vehicle, then you know the importance of having enough tread for safe driving. With the STEELMAN 422112G Color-Coded SAE Tread Depth Gauge with Grey Base, you’ll be able to easily identify how much tread depth is left on each tire. For quick visual checks, the measurements are separated into green, yellow, and red sections to indicate tires that are good, showing wear, and or in need of replacing. For ease of use, the tool is marked with easy to read SAE markings shown in 32nds of an inch with a full range from 0/32-inch to 32/32-inch with increments of 1/32-inch. The green range is 6/32-inch to 32/32-inch, the yellow range is 3/32-inch to 6/32-inch, and the red range is 0/32-inch to 2/32-inch. Thanks to its simple, springless design this tool is great for use checking deep set wheels where it isn't easy to get direct line of sight like sports cars with tight wheel wells, dualie trucks, and big rigs.