Crushproof Single and Dual Exhaust Hose Kit

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  • CRUSHPROOF HOSE - Crushproof rubber hose returns to original shape if driven over by a vehicle
  • HEAT TOLERANT - Hose and adapters can handle intermittent temperatures of up to 600-degrees F
  • REMOVE FUMES - Ideal for removing dangerous exhaust fumes from indoor garages and workshops
  • DUAL EXHAUST ADAPTER - Kit includes a Y adapter with two 4-foot hoses for dual exhaust vehicles
  • ADDITIONAL CONNECTORS - Straight connectors and twin pipe adapters are also included
Prevent accidental carbon monoxide poisoning when inside a closed shop or garage working on vehicles and diagnosing troublesome idling noises that require a running engine with this exhaust hose kit. This kit includes a durable 11-foot long 3-inch ID flexible rubber hose that is designed to be crushproof, allowing it to be driven over by a vehicle yet still return to its original shape without any permanent deformation. The rubber construction also allows the hose to withstand intermittent temperatures of up to 600-degrees F without damage. A dual 4-foot hose equipped Y-adapter is included in the kit for use with vehicles that feature dual exhaust pipes. Another oval shaped adapter for twin pipe equipped vehicles is also included for added utility. Last of all, the kit includes a 3-inch ID straight connector with an attached hook and chain to secure it to a car of light truck's exhaust.