Disc Brake Pad Spreader

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  • SPEED UP CHANGES - Quickly compresses disc brake caliper piston to make changing brake pads faster
  • UNIVERSAL - Useable on most domestic and import cars and light trucks
  • SECURE - Curved plate seats securely against caliper frame and will not slide off or damage the caliper
  • DURABLE - Durable steel screw and plate with an ergonomic plastic handle
  • MAXIMUM SPREAD - 4-Inch maximum spread distance
Few things are as annoying as disc brake calipers and fewer are as finicky. Let the STEELMAN 42006 Disc Brake Pad Caliper Spreader make changing brake pads a breeze by removing the annoyance that are caliper pistons. Simply leave the inner brake pad next to the caliper, insert the pad spreader so that the plate pushes against the caliper forks and the base against the old pad and twist. Works even on dual piston caliper brakes, reseating both pistons simultaneously. With a maximum spread distance of 4 inches this tool is long enough for all but the biggest calipers. In seconds the caliper piston will be fully reset and you will be finished changing the pads. Unlike using c-clamps or other means, the spreader will not slide off or damage delicate pistons which can lead to costly repairs and replacements and its durable steel construction will last for many pad changes to come. Compatible with most domestic and import cars and light trucks the STEELMAN spreader will have you finished changing brakes in no time.