Outdoor Survival Knife with Fixed 4.5-Inch Partially Serrated 420 Stainless Blade and Sheath, Survival Tools

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  • RUGGED - Full tang blade with blade oxide protective coating for increased rust resistance
  • PARTIALLY SERRATED - 4.5-inch partially serrated, drop point 420 stainless steel blade
  • SECURE GRIP - Handle has a polypropylene core with a textured thermoplastic rubber over mold for increased grip
  • STRIKER PLATE - 420 stainless steel pommel cap is designed for striking and hammering without damaging the handle
  • INCLUDED SHEATH - Includes nylon sheath, firestarter, and 300 grit diamond sharpener
  • TOTAL LENGTH - 9.75-inch overall length
  • LIGHTWEIGHT - Knife weighs only 11.84 ounces
When looking for a hunting/camping or survival knife, don't fall for the cheap stuff or any old military surplus knife, instead take a look at the Boundary 92737 Outdoor Survival Knife with Fixed 4.5-Inch Partially Serrated 420 Stainless Blade and Included Sheath, Survival Tools. No indoor gentleman's knife, this rugged blade is made for the outdoors and it shows. The 420 stainless steel blade is a full tang design suitable for hard use including hacking, batoning, and hammering and is coated in black oxide for increased rust resistance to help it endure the elements as long as you can. The dual purpose blade features both a fine and serrated edge that makes it ideal for multiple applications in any environment. Covering the tang is an ergonomic handle made of an easy to spot, bright green polypropylene core with a textured grey thermoplastic rubber over mold that gives an excellent grip without compromising the strength of the handle. Covering the pommel is a 420 stainless steel striker cap which lets you hammer on or hammer with the knife knowing it can take such hard use without breaking like a folding or pocket knife would. The knife also comes with a nylon sheath that includes a survival firestarter with striker and 300 grit diamond sharpening stone to keep your blade honed to a keen edge.