7-inch Portable Industrial Video Scope with 5.5mm Diameter Camera Shaft

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  • COMPACT TIP - Camera shaft and head are compact, measuring just 5.5mm in diameter
  • 7-INCH LCD SCREEN - 7-Inch color LCD display with 720 x 480 pixel resolution for a sharp image
  • LONG CABLE - Extra-long, 30m (98-foot) camera cable with reinforcing wire mesh sheathing
  • BUILT-IN LED LIGHTS - 9 integrated LEDs around camera with adjustable brightness
  • SD CARD SLOT - Record both still images and video captures to an SD card for later review
  • RECHARGEABLE - Li-Polymer rechargeable battery provides hours of portable use
  • STREAMING OPTION - Unit can stream video via self-generated Wi-Fi for sharing with other devices
The STEELMAN PRO 60726 7-Inch Portable Industrial Video Scope with Compact 5.5mm Diameter Camera Shaft is ideal for inspection use across a range of applications letting you view restricted spaces otherwise impossible to access. The tiny, 5.5mm diameter digital camera shaft is mounted to the end of a 30 meter (98-foot) long cable and allows the tip to access all but the tiniest, most restrictive spaces letting you inspect drains, vents, engines, machinery, between walls and more out to an impressive range. Built into the housing around the camera lens are 9 LED lights letting you easily illuminate the area around the shaft end with an adjustable level of brightness. The reinforcing wire mesh sheathing around the cable lets it be easily picked up via metal detectors and similar locating equipment for easy tracking of the camera's path. The 7-inch LCD monitor includes a flip-up cover that protects the screen during storage and transport and doubles as a sunshade when using the tool outdoors. An SD card slot on the side allows the use of up to 32GB cards for storing and transferring video captures and still images. In addition, the unit can generate it's own Wi-Fi signal to stream live video to other devices connected via the free downloadable app. The unit is powered by an integrated rechargeable lithium polymer battery.