Air Inflator Body with 18-Inch Reinforced Rubber Whip Hose and Quick Release Swivel Tip

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  • REINFORCED HOSE - 18-inch long, fiber-reinforced rubber hose withstands working pressures of up to 300 PSI
  • GAUGE READY - 1/4-Inch NPT thread body ready for the addition of your favorite digital or analog pressure gauge
  • ANGLED INFLATOR - Angled pre-attached inflator tip easily fits onto most valve stems
  • BLEEDER VALVE - Conveniently located brass bleeder valve allows for precise air adjustment
  • 1/4-INCH NPT - Base is 1/4-inch NPT threaded to easily attach an industrial, automotive or ARO quick connect coupler
Build a custom air inflator equipped with the type of gauge you prefer with the STEELMAN 97989 Air Inflator Body with 18-Inch Reinforced Rubber Hose Whip and Angled Swivel Tip. This inflator body comes equipped a durable fiber-reinforced 18-inch long rubber hose whip that can withstand day to day working pressures of up to 300 PSI making it ideal for use at air pressures common to standard automotive use as well as on vehicle tires s that need higher-pressures. The built-in pressure releasing brass bleeder valve is easily operated with either a thumb or forefinger and makes hitting exact pressures easy. The factory-attached push-on tip is angled and designed to swivel to give optimum access on valve stems. The gauge mount is threaded to accept standard 1/4-inch NPT threaded gauges so you can easily attach your favorite digital or analog pneumatic gauge to the inflator body (gauge not included). The base of the body is threaded 1/4-inch NPT to allow easy connection of industrial, automotive, or ARO quick connect fittings and couplers.