600A Li-Ion Jump Start Power Bank with Memory Saver Cord

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  • LI-ION BATTERY PACK - 6 Cell Li-Ion battery pack providing 8Ah, 96WH
  • ALL SEASON USE - Patented carbon fiber heater jacket technology provides maximum power in cold weather
  • USB AND 12V POWER - Use to power and recharge 12V DC accessories and USB devices
  • MEMORY SAVER CABLE - Included memory saver cable allows use as backup battery during car battery changes to preserve settings
  • 600AMP OUTPUT - 600Amp of continuous output is available to start almost all passenger vehicle engines
  • LED LIGHT - Built-in LED light makes night time jump starts easier
  • 2.75-FOOT CABLES - 2.75-foot 8 gauge copper cables are sheathed in flexible PVC

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The STEELMAN 60018 600A Li-Ion Jump Start Power Bank with Memory Saver Cord is a compact and lightweight all-season backup to get your car started and your devices charged. Most Li-Ion batteries see their output drop to 10% or less in cold weather but our battery pack has a patented carbon fiber heater jacket that warms the batteries up to normal operating temperature, allowing them to provide maximum power in the coldest weather. The 2.75-foot cables are made of heavy-duty, 8 gauge copper wire that is sheathed in flexible PVC. The 6 cell, 8Ah 96WH Li-Ion power pack can supply 600 amps of continuous output to start almost all passenger car and motorcycle batteries. Additionally this battery pack sports a variety of built-in features for the ultimate in utility. These include a 3-LED light to make jump starts in the dark easier, a 12-volt DC adapter to power accessories like tire inflators, USB outlet to recharge your phone, tablet, or other device. Also included is a 3-foot OBDII memory saver cable that allows you to use the power bank as an auxiliary power supply when changing car batteries so that you don't lose saved settings and codes for anti-theft radios, clocks, and other electronic memory settings in your vehicle. A convenient storage compartment on the back of the unit safely stores these extra cables, as well as the charging cable, until needed.