6-holder 7-pound Capacity Magnetic Parts Tray

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  • WEIGHT CAPACITY - Tray can support up to 7-pounds of tools, parts, and other small items
  • SCREWDRIVER STORAGE - Flaps on either side of the main box can be used to hold up to 6 screwdrivers, punches, picks, or similar tools
  • ALL STEEL CONSTRUCTION - Tray is made of durable 20 gauge steel that is powder-coated black for long lasting dependability
  • MAGNETIC MOUNTING - Four powerful magnets attached to the back keep tray held securely in place
  • COVERED CONTACT POINTS - Magnets and bottom support are covered with protective rubber to prevent scratching surfaces
  • TRAY DIMENSIONS - Tray's rectangular interior measures 12-inches x 4.5-inches x 1.25-inches
The STEELMAN 41810 Non-Marring Magnetic Parts Tray with 6 Screwdriver / Tool Holders is the ultimate in reliability and convenience.Thanks to four large magnets mounted to the back of the tray it can adhere to any ferromagnetic surface, instantly creating a versatile and convenient place to store and organize up to 7 pounds worth of small tools, parts, and accessories. Made from durable 20 gauge steel this tray features a large, open, 12-inch wide x 4.5-inch deep x 1.25-inch tall compartment for storage along with a flap to either side, each with 3 holes to hold up to 6 precision screwdrivers, picks, punches, or similar tools. A protective rubber coating covers the back mounted magnets and contact points to prevent damaging whatever the tray is attached to making these trays make a great addition to any home, garage/automotive shop, or classroom.