Miter Saw Stand Handle and GFCI Electrical Outlet Kit

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  • 2-PIECE SET - 2-Piece set adds more mobility and utility to your portable miter stand so you can work faster, easier
  • OVERSIZED HANDLE - Oversized handle is molded for easy access to grab and move your miter saw stand
  • ADDED STORAGE - Handle has slots, holes, and cavities to clip, hang, and store screwdrivers, pencils, and other tools
  • TRIPLE TAP GFCI - Triple tap GFCI power cord to power more tools and fits snugly into handle base for easy access
  • COMPATIBILITY - Compatible with WS-124 and WS-077 PROTOCOL Equipment miter saw stands (sold separately)

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The PROTOCOL Equipment MA-31 (92779) Miter Saw Stand Handle and GFCI Electrical Outlet Kit is a great accessory kit to add to your existing miter saw stand. This kit includes an oversized, enhanced handle that is easy to grab when you need to move the stand around between job sites - even when wearing gloves. It is also molded to provide you stand with easy to access storage for drills, impact drivers and other power tools, tape measures, pencils, screwdrivers, measuring squares, and more while keeping them out of the way of cuts. A triple-tap GFCI is included that slots snugly between the handle and stand frame and helps protect and power multiple tools up to 15-amps. Mounting hardware is included for easy installation to your existing PROTOCOL Equipment WS-124 and WS-077 work station (sold separately).