Non-Marring Sawhorse Foot Set (4-Pack)

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  • MULTI-SURFACE TRACTION - Indention-pattern tread provides multi-directional traction across multiple surfaces
  • NON-INTERFEREING - Will not interfere with normal sawhorse collapsibility and can be left on when legs are folded
  • SCRATCH PROTECTION - Protects flooring surfaces from scratches by the sawhorse's bare galvanized leg ends
  • DURABLE - Made from high-strength polypropylene
  • COMPATIBLE SAWHORSES - Designed to fit STEELMAN and PROTOCOL 67103, 67104, 92785 and 92786 sawhorses
Upgrade the legs on your STEELMAN sawhorse and create a balanced, sturdy, and finished floor friendly work support with STEELMAN 93343 Non-Marring Sawhorse Foot Set 4-Pack. This set of protective feet is designed to fit onto the STEELMAN and PROTOCOL Equipment 67103 and 67104 single and 92785 and 92786 2-pack models of sawhorses. Constructed of durable polypropylene with an indent-pattern tread, these tough little feet provide multi-directional traction across multiple surfaces which gives you a steady base for your sawhorse that allows you to work safely while also being easier on the flooring itself. The included self-tapping sheet metal screws hold the feet securely onto the sawhorse, and their small size allows them to remain on the legs even when the sawhorse is folded up and stored away.