2-Piece Oil Drain Pan Anti-Splash Pad

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  • Fits into the top of waste oil drains or oil pans -
  • Porous material helps absorb fluid, eliminating splashing -
  • Helps eliminate slips and falls in the bay -
  • Makes it easier to retrieve the oil drain plug -
  • 15-inch diameter -

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When you’re trying to dispose of hot, messy oil, the last thing you want is it splashing onto the floor, or worse, you. Make the process cleaner with this clever set of anti-splash pads from STEELMAN. Designed to fit into the top of waste oil drains and oil pans, the porous material helps absorb the liquid you’re working with. The material resists most types of liquids that are used at an auto shop, such as engine oil, transmission fluid, and coolant, but should not be used on fluids that will be recycled in the vehicle. The pads have a 15-inch diameter and can be cut down to any size you need.