Rust Proofing and Undercoating Spray Gun with 22-inch Flex Tubes and 0.2-inch Nozzle

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  • DURABLE MATERIALS - Housing is made of high-strength polished aluminum
  • LARGE NOZZLE SIZE - 0.2-inch nozzle size for smooth flow of undercoating
  • WIDE SPRAY PATTERN - Up to 9.5-inch pattern width for versatile coverage
  • VARIABLE AIR FLOW - Adjustable air flow with included inline regulator and gauge
  • WORKING/MAX PRESSURE - Spray gun has a working pressure at 50 PSI and safe operation up to 101.53 PSI
  • FLEX TUBE WANDS - Two 22-Inch nozzle extention hoses ensure coverage in hard to reach places

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The STEELMAN 61320 Pneumatic Under Coat Spray Gun is an indispensable tool for applying undercoating with precision and ease. This durable tool, made with heavy-duty polished aluminum, features 1/4-inch NPT brass fittings, a siphon feed system and a 750 ml capacity for continuous application. The included regulator with integrated pressure gauge provides variable air flow control, allowing for tailored application speeds and an air consumption range of 2.5-3.5 CFM to match your compressor's capabilities. Lightweight at just 1.5 lb. including the under coat material cup, and with two 22-inch flexible wands, this spray gun ensures extensive reach in those hard to get places with minimal user fatigue, all encased in a sleek polished aluminum housing.