1/4-inch Pneumatic Die Grinder with Rear Exhaust

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  • IDEAL GRINDING TOOL - Ball bearing construction provides vibration free performance, ideal for removing rust or finishing surfaces
  • SAFETY TRIGGER LOCK - Safety trigger lock secures against accidental startup without impairing easy use
  • 1/4-INCH COLLET - 1/4-Inch collet accepts a wide range of heads for a variety of uses
  • VARIABLE SPEED THROTTLE - Variable speed throttle for positive speed control via lever style tease trigger
  • LOW AIR DEMAND - 0.6 HP air motor operates on a mere 4 cubic feet per minute of 90 PSI compressed air
  • 1/4-INCH NPT - Air inlet is threaded to accept 1/4-inch NPT quick connect or permanent fittings
  • REDIRECTED EXHAUST - Exhaust is redirected back out through the rear of the tool, venting it away from operator and work area

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The STEELMAN 1512 1/4 Inch Pneumatic Die Grinder with Rear Exhaust is a compact and rugged tool that uses an energy efficient 0.6 HP motor and ball bearing construction to provide a vibration free auto repair, weld prep, rust removal, and surface polishing tool. With a maximum free run speed of 22,000 RPM, this pneumatic power tool uses a 1/4-inch collet to accept a wide range of heads and bits to help you get the job done right and done fast. When not in use, a safety trigger lock on the lever style tease trigger prevents accidental startups yet won't impair easy use. The compact motor is designed for efficiency and operates on a mere 4 cubic feet per minute of 90 PSI compressed air. To prevent blasting work areas with random bursts of air that can stir up dust and debris, the motor exhaust is redirected back out the rear of the tool. Threaded to accept conventional 1/4-inch NPT quick connect and permanent fittings, this tool is easy to connect to any 3/8-inch ID air compressor or shop air line. Lightweight and compact, the tool measures 6-3/4-inches in length and weighs 1.70-pounds.