Rechargeable LED Clip Light with Dimmer and Red LED Mode

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  • RECHARGEABLE LIGHT - Compact light houses a powerful Li-ion rechargeable battery for a lifetime of dependable use
  • MULTIPLE MODES - White LEDs are fully dimmable and a second set of red LEDs can be set for constant on or strobe
  • POCKET CLIP - Adjustable pocket clip allows it to be loosened for use on thicker materials
  • BUILT-IN MAGNET - Built-in magnet on pocket clip allows light to mount on metal surfaces for area illumination
  • MOUNTING THREADS - 1/4-20 threaded mount under clip screw for using light with tripods and other mounts
  • CHARGE CORD - Includes a 3-foot long USB charging cord for convenient recharging
See and be seen with the BOUNDARY 42436 Rechargeable LED Clip Light with Dimmer and Red LED Mode. Packed with features, this little wearable light is designed for use in a range of roles, from basic illumination while out hiking the trail and road safety while cycling to brightening an engine compartment during a tune-up or area lighting for that perfect photo. The pocket clip is secured with a thumbscrew to allow it to be hand adjusted for use on thicker material like belts and coats in addition to a shirt or pants pocket. On the back of the clip is a permanent magnet to let you attach the light to metal surfaces and with the thumbscrew removed, the light can be mounted to any 1/4-20 threaded fixture like tripods and camera poles. The 6 white LEDs have a dimmer function allowing them to provide a bare minimum of light or their maximum of 180 lumens. The 3 red LEDs can be set to either a constant-on or strobe mode for high visibility and added safety during outdoor excursions or for emergencies. The built-in Li-ion battery allows for a lifetime of use and can recharge easily from any USB power source with the included 3-foot cord.