Replacement Control Unit for ChassisEAR Auto Diagnostics Tool

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  • REPLACEMENT UNIT ONLY - Replacement main control unit for the STEELMAN 06600 ChassisEAR Electronic Squeak and Rattle Finder
  • PINPOINT TROUBLING NOISES - Easily pinpoint troubling noises that cannot be duplicated in a repair stall and only occur during road driving
  • MULTI-CHANNEL - Connect up to six (6) microphones to different under-chassis locations simultaneously to find a noise's source
  • INTUITIVE CONTROLS - Two intuitive dials control microphone volume and channel selection with a bright red LED power indicator
  • COLOR CODED LEADS - Each microphone / clamp is color coded for easy identification and channel selection
  • BATTERY OPERATED - Powered by a single 9V battery (not included)
The STEELMAN 06610 is a replacement main control unit for the STEELMAN 06600 ChassisEAR Electronic Squeak and Rattle Finder. This versatile device is designed to amplify sounds to allow users to listen and perform real time diagnostics during road tests to locate troubling automotive noises. Using up to six microphone clamps you can easily pinpoint the exact location of noises that signal damaging wear and possible part failure connected to issues that cannot be duplicated in the garage repair stall and heard with a standard mechanic's stethoscope. Each of the six clamps is color-coded for easy identification and the intuitive dial control lets you switch easily between channels to track down the source of the offending sounds. Sensors easily clamp onto problem areas of cars and trucks including springs, torque rods, shocks, body mounts, brakes, dash assemblies, door hinges, drive trains, rear or front axles, transmissions, transfer cases, suspensions, sway bars, tie rod ends, struts, axle hubs, ring and pinion bearings, mufflers, catalytic converters, O2 sensors, A/T cases, oil pumps or even un-torqued bolts.