Replacement Fabric Vacuum Bag for Pneumatic Workshop Vacuum

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  • REPLACEMENT BAG - Replaces a torn, worn, or otherwise damaged particulate catcher on pneumatic vacuums
  • COTTON / POLY FABRIC - Bag is sewn with a 35% Tetoron polyester and 65% cotton fabric blend for lasting reliability
  • ZIPPERED OPENING - Zipper along edge allows an easy way to empty a full bag without detaching from vacuum unit
  • TIGHT WEAVE - Tightly woven fibers capture fine powders and dusts and prevent blow-through
  • EASY ATTACHMENT - Bag slides easily onto the back of pneumatic vacuums and can be held in place with hose clamps
  • COMPATIBLE VACUUM - Designed for use with the STEELMAN 99978 Pneumatic Vacuum
Replace a torn, worn through, melted / burned or otherwise damaged particulate bag on your STEELMAN Pneumatic Workshop Vaccum with this replacement bag. Made of tough 65% cotton and 35% Tetoron polyester blended fabric, this particulate catcher has a tight weave that prevents fine powders and dusts from blowing through the bag creating an even bigger mess. The convenient zippered opening along the side makes emptying the bag after cleaning easy without having to fully remove the pouch from the vacuum. Designed for use with the STEELMAN 99978 Pneumatic Workshop Vacuum and Compressed Air Blower.