1/2-Inch Reversible Air Drill

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  • REVERSIBLE AIR DRILL - Reversible air drill delivers full power in both forward and reverse setting
  • HANDLE EXHAUST - Internally redirected exhaust is vented through the handle away from your work area
  • 1/2-INCH CHUCK - 1/2-Inch keyed chuck accepts a wide range of bits and drivers for a variety of uses
  • FREE SPEED - Maximum free running speed 800 RPM
  • VARIABLE SPEED THROTTLE - Positive speed control with trigger style variable speed throttle
  • REMOVABLE SIDE HANDLE - Removable side handle gives additional control and stability
  • LOW AIR DEMAND - Operates on a mere 4 cubic feet per minute of 90 PSI compressed air

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The STEELMAN 1704 1/2-Inch Reversible Air drill is perfect for drilling, honing, reaming, and fastening. A thumb operated switch lets you easily reverse direction without removing your hand from the tool. Internally redirected exhaust vents back out the handle and away from your face and work project while also helping to reduce operating noise. The 1/2-inch keyed chuck can use a wide variety of bits and drivers to fulfil a wide range of roles. A removable side handle adds additional control and stability during use. Weighing in at 4.05 pounds and only 7-inches in length, this pneumatic tool delivers a free running speed of 800 RPM with a trigger style variable speed throttle letting you determine how much power you need. Operating on a mere 4 cubic feet per minute of 90 PSI compressed air delivered through a standard 1/4-inch NPT inlet and 3/8-inch air hose this tool is ideal for all your light to medium duty drilling tasks.