Self-Gripping UV Resistant 2mm Thick Rubber Tie Down Straps, Hi-Viz Green, Pink, and Orange 3-Pack

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  • SELF-GRIPPING - Self-gripping design holds tight without using knots, hooks, ratchets, clamps, or clips
  • STRONG HOLD - Regular duty, 2mm thick straps hold tight, withstanding strains up to 800 PSI without damage
  • 20-FOOT LENGTH - 20-foot long strap can be cut to custom lengths for any application large or small
  • NON-MARRING - Rubber construction is non-marring and cushioning to protect secured materials
  • UV RESISTANT RUBBER - UV Resistant rubber blend resists degradation, cracking and weathering from sunlight exposure
  • WET OR DRY USE - Ideal for securing loads regardless of the weather including rain and extreme temperatures
Quickly and safely secure loads without the hassle of rusty ratchets, hooks, clamps, clips, and knots with Simple Strap 20011 Self-Gripping UV Resistant 2mm Thick Rubber Tie Down Straps. These all-purpose embossed tie downs are ideal for professional and personal use securing lumber, rebar, or pipes in the bed of a work truck between job sites, or camping gear, surfboards, skis and more to roof racks on the family car. Their high viz rubber construction is easy to see in low light and non-marring so it will not leave marks on stored material while also helping to cushion finished surfaces. The rubber grips to itself, requiring a simple triple overlapping tight wrap and a quick tuck under for a secure hold that can withstand up to 800 PSI worth of strain without breaking. This rubber construction also means that the straps work perfectly well wet or dry and in extreme hot and cold temperatures. In addition, the rubber blend has greater UV resistance to enable them to better resist degradation, cracking, and weathering from sunlight exposure. The 20-foot length of each strap can be cut easily with a knife, shears, or scissors down to a length perfect for the required job leaving no flapping excess to worry about and allowing a single strap to secure a load along multiple points. Fully reusable and even recyclable, these straps are perfect for use in construction, around the household, landscaping and more!