Side Battery Lifter Tool

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  • VERSATILE USE - Can be used to lift and carry most types of batteries with side or top mounted terminals
  • INCREASE SAFETY - Securely install and remove automotive and marine batteries without exposing hands and clothes to acid leaks
  • INSULATED GRIP - Insulated grip helps prevent accidental discharges and non-slip texture provides a secure handhold during use
  • COMPATIBLE SIZES - Lifts batteries from 4.5-inches to 7.5-inches wide, including super heavy-duty Group 65 batteries
  • RUBBER GRIPS - Rubber pads are held on with high strength adhesive and will not puncture or damage held batteries
Make the task of changing and transporting automotive and marine batteries easier with the STEELMAN 77060 Side Battery Lifter. This easy to use battery clamp comes equipped with a non-slip, insulated vinyl hand grip that is textured to provide secure hold during use and the rubber battery pads press firmly onto the sides of batteries. For additional safety, the carrier pads are held in place on the tool with a high strength adhesive rather than rivets to prevent the chance for bent or damaged rivets puncturing battery casings. Fully adjustable, the lifter can fit batteries from 4.5-inches wide to 7.5-inches wide, including super heavy-duty Group 65 ones.