Tire Repair Probe and Awl

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  • MULTI-USE TOOL - Tool is ideal for use during tire repairs, metal scribing, and a variety of piercing and punching tasks
  • SCREWDRIVER STYLE HANDLE - Large, screwdriver style handle allows for a better grip during use
  • 4-INCH SHANK - Tool features a 4-inch long hardened steel shank
  • DUAL BEVEL POINT - Probe features a dual bevel point that resists blunting and bending under stress
  • POLISHED CHROME FINISH - Tool shank features an easy to clean polished chrome finish
Check and apply cement to tire injury channels, scribe and mark metal, wood or tile, and more with the STEELMAN 00190 Tire Repair Probe / Scratch Awl Punch. Originally designed to use in USTMA (U.S. Tire Manufacturer's Association - formerly the RMA) recommended tire repairs when checking tire injury channels and spreading vulcanizing cement through the injury prior to placing a plug, this handy tool can be used for a great many more purposes. Measuring 7-1/4-inches in length with a 4-inch long polished chrome shaft, this tool can perform all the functions of a regular scratch awl or punch. The dual beveled tip resists blunting and bending to allow the probe to be used on all kinds of materials with little fear of damage. The large, screwdriver style handle is fluted to provide a secure grip during use and the ABS plastic material resists most common household chemicals. Perfect for use in woodworking, metalworking, leatherworking, O-ring and cotter pin removal, and a whole lot more both in the garage and around the house.