2-Inch Brass Stem High Pressure 80 PSI Snap-In Valve Stem, Box of 50

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  • QUICK INSTALLATION - Simple pull through / snap-in installation on most wheels and rims
  • HIGHER PRESSURE - Handles above average pressures with a maximum cold pressure of 80 PSI
  • RIM COMPATIBILITY - Fits into wheel rims up to 0.205-inches thick with 0.453-inch valve holes
  • 2-INCH STEMS - 2-Inch long brass stems for easier access when inflating and servicing
  • BULK PACK - Bulk pack of 50 valve stems with valve cores and caps
If you sell or service tires, then you know the importance of having spare valve stems. These rubber base snap-in valves are made of quality EPDM rubber with reinforcing brass stems and threading that includes a pre-installed valve core and allow a maximum cold-tire inflation pressure of 80 PSI. These TR602HP series valve stems are designed to fit 0.453-inch diameter holes on tire wheels and rims, and are 2-inches long to allow easy inflation access on deep wheels. Ideal for use when replacing old and cracked stems on any vehicle that requires higher than average inflation pressures such as heavier duty trucks, light landscaping tractors and farm / agricultural equipment. The original equipment manufacturers (OEM) requires that the valve stem components and seals are replaced every time a new tire is installed, so be sure to stock up on this essential tire accessory!