Tube Tip Automotive Terminal Tool, 3.25mm by 20mm

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  • DAMAGE-FREE REMOVAL - Remove automotive electrical wires from terminal blocks without causing damage
  • TIP STYLE - Tube shaped tool tip measures 3.25mm in diameter and has a 20.00mm reach for deep terminals
  • COMPATIBLE MAKES - Designed to fit terminals used in various BMW, Mercedes, Opel, Porsche, and Volkswagen / Audi models
  • NON-MAGNETIC - Stainless steel tool tip is mounted to a chrome-plated hollow brass shaft resulting in a magnetically inert tool
  • COMFORTABLE GRIP - Polypropylene plastic handle core with TPR rubber overlay provides a comfortable, secure grip
As many technicians know, automotive electrical terminal blocks are designed to hold wires amid the bumps and vibrations experienced in modern cars and trucks and not let go or loosen so when it comes time to replace or repair those blocks or wires, they never want to let go and special tools are needed to separate them. The STEELMAN 95839-03 3.25mm x 20.00mm Tube Tip Automotive Terminal Tool was designed to do just that, to let you separate the wires from their terminal blocks without causing damage to either. This connector pin release tool is made with a non-magnetic stainless steel tip on a hollow, chrome-plated brass shaft that is mounted in a comfortable TPR-layered polypropylene plastic handle. This tool's 3.25mm diameter and 20.00mm long, tube-style tip is designed to work with wiring harness terminals used in BMW, Mercedes, Opel, Porsche, Volkswagen (VW), and Audi vehicles.