1/2-Inch Drive x 80 ft-lb Pre-Set Torque Wrench

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  • PRESET TORQUE - 1/2-Inch drive torque wrench is preset with a fixed torque of 80 ft-lb for efficient operation
  • AUDIBLE AND TACTILE INDICATOR - Wrench emits a click that is easily felt and heard when reaching 80 ft-lb of torque
  • ONE-DIRECTIONAL USE - Drive functions in one direction only, preventing damage from improper use as a breaker bar
  • COLOR CODED - Shaft is powder-coated green for easy identification amidst similar looking tools
  • PROTECTIVE SLEEVE - TPR rubber sleeve on the ratchet head protects from accidental damage during use
  • STORAGE CASE - Included storage case protects the ratchet from damage that could cause a loss of calibration when not in use
  • FACTORY CALIBRATED - All STEELMAN Torque wrenches come with a certificate of calibration and are ready to use right out of the box
Increase technician productivity with the STEELMAN 96157 1/2-Inch Drive x 80 ft-lb Pre-Set Torque Wrench. Designed for installing wheels on motor vehicles, this wrench speeds up tire servicing operations in busy shops and automotive garages. When mechanics and service techs don't have to take time to adjust a clicker, double beam, or electronic wrench, they are able to complete the job in record time, making your shop bay available for the next job all the faster. Saving time improves customer satisfaction and puts money in your pocket. This wrench also reduces risk of wheel stud damage and loose lug nuts by ensuring the nuts are tightened to manufacturer specifications, reducing costly comebacks. This wrench's green color-coding makes it easy for technicians to pick out the correct wrench every time. A quick-release button on the back of the head allows easy removal of attached sockets and extensions. Heavy duty chromoly and chrome vanadium steel construction with protective rubber sleeves keep your wrench operating reliably, and the one-way feature ensures your valuable, precision tool, cannot be used as a breaker bar. A protective plastic storage case is included to ensure the tool will be safe from the knocks and bumps of storage that could cause a loss of calibration. Comes with a certificate of calibration.